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Current position: Research Fellow

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Professional and Research Experience: Carolina Cañibano is a research fellow at INGENIO, a mixed research institute of the National Research Council and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in Spain. She was trained as an economist at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, where she obtained her PhD in 2004. She has been a visiting researcher at the OECD (1999), at the University of Sussex (2003), the Georgia Institute of Technology (2006) and the University of Western Sydney (2009). She has participated in various national and international research projects. She has recently been a lead investigator in the Spanish funded project (Prest-Ence Spain) exploring the interconnections between the construction of academic excellence and prestige, with a special focus on social science and humanities.

Carolina’s research focuses on the theoretical and empirical investigation of research careers, human capital and economic change from an evolutionary perspective. She has made theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions to the socio-economics of science by addressing research questions regarding the dynamics of geographical mobility and career development of researchers and the knowledge diffusion processes that derive from mobility. Recently she has focused on the gendered dimension of research careers and mobility patterns.  She has also contributed to addressing the role of human intentionality in the shaping of economic evolution. At present, her theoretical efforts are targeted at providing the micro-foundations for an evolutionary theory of human capital.

Fields of expertise: Scientific and technical human capital, human resources for science and technology, mobility of researchers, science policy, science and technology indicators, economic theory of innovation.


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