Group of Research on Energy and Environmental Innovation

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The Group of Research on Energy and Environmental Innovation (GreeIN) conducts a broad range of activities related to the analysis of sustainable economic growth and the formulation of policy guidelines for promoting environmental innovation. Our remit encompasses issues such as the emergence of technology, the evolution of industry, the transformation of know-how, the identification of governance mechanisms and the evaluation of policy. GreeIN brings together researchers from diverse backgrounds (economics, sociology, geography, environmental science) and with expertise in both quantitative (e.g. econometrics, scientometrics, networks analysis) and qualitative (e.g. interviews, content and discourse analysis) techniques. Last but not least, GreeIN activities are informed by systematic engagement with public and private stakeholders in the areas of ​​energy and environment.

Our established professional and academic partnerships include:

Selected publications

Ongoing projects

Pioneers into practice - Climate KIC

Since 2010 the GreeIN team has been actively involved in the “Pioneers into Practice” program, an activity of the Climate-KIC Business Plan. The program seeks to offer a platform for policy makers and practitioners engaged in studying, designing and promoting day-to-day professional practices in business, government and research. We are currently involved in research, mentoring and coordination activities.
Climate-KIC is one of three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) created in 2010 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).  This community of European partners from the private, public and academic sectors, engages a broad spectrum of activities to offer new solutions for the realms of innovation, entrepreneurship and training.

Policy Incentives for the Creation of Knowledge: Methods and Evidence

This project focuses on the creation and promotion of markets for renewable energy. The main objective is to identify complementary technological, organizational and institutional underpinning the development of the wind energy industry in Spain.

Team: Antonio Gutiérrez Gracia, Cristian Matti, Davide Consoli, Joaquín María Azagra Caro, Pablo D'Este

Fostering sustainable construction and renewable energy through network governance. The case of Valencia (2011-2013)

The study seeks to analyze the activities carried out within the scope of mixed public-private collaborative networks and business associations. The goal is to understand the mechanism of network governance through which the capabilities of its members are developed and improved. To this end we propose a mixed method study with the collaboration of networks and associations. The project is carried out in stages that include: survey, document analysis, rounds of semi-structured interviews and focus groups.

Team: África Villanueva Felez, Cristian Matti and Mabel Sanchez Barrioluengo

Mediterranean renewables energy –ENERMED-(2013)

ENERMED seeks to bring coherence to Mediterranean regional policies on renewable energy for innovation and competitiveness. It will do so by pooling various resources and encouraging the use of policy tools. Our skills will contribute to understanding the role of local environments on the generation, exchange and transfer of knowledge as key drivers for the design and implementation of environmental regulation.

Team: Davide Consoli, Cristian Matti and Mabel Sanchez Barrioluengo