I’m a PhD Candidate in Local Development and International Cooperation at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). I Graduated in Industrial Management and have a Master in Innovation Management. I interested in decision making process, stakeholder analysis and planning sustainable development. My thesis research is about the evaluation of strategic projects with multicriteria decision techniques (AHP/ANP) with a participative and sustainable approach. I had also worked on innovation systems and university-industry collaboration. Previously, I had worked in project formulation and project management, management, consulting and as a professor


  1. Hannia Gonzalez‐Urango; Mónica García‐Melón
    Sustainable Development,
    Vol: - pags 1 - 12


  1. Gonzalez-Urango, Hannia; García-Melón, Mónica
    Vol: 9 - pags 1 - 16