1. ahna1's picture   Nadia Ahmadouche   Phd student
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2017, PhD. candidate (Business and Management Program), INGENIO (CSIC-UPV),University polytechnic of Valencia. On “Evaluation policy innovation in companies in Algeris”

Supervisors: Albors Garrigós, José and Perelló Marín, María Rosario (Department business and management, UPV)

                   Ignacio Fernández de Lucio  (Ingenio) (http://www.ingenio.upv.es/en/Ignacio-Fernandez-de-Lucio)

September 2012, PhD. Candidate Economics (Option Management of companies), University of Tlemcen, Algeria.

Supervisor University of Algeria: Samir Baha-Eddine MALIKI ( PhD Economics / Professor, Directeur de l'Ecole Doctorale I2E (Ingénierie Economique & Entreprise), University of Tlemcen, Algeria  BP 226, Tlemcen, 13000, Algeria Tel /Fax : + 213(0) 43 212166 Email: sb_maliki@mail.univ-tlemcen.dz

May 2012, Master (Magister) Management, University of Mascara, Algeria. Thesis on “The impact of the knowledge management on the performance of the companies: a case study on the society of electricity and gaz of Algeria”

June 2006, BSC (Licence) Management option Finance, University of Mostaganem, Algeria. A memory on “The evaluation of the companies: the case of the society of Gas liquefaction GNL2 Oran Arzew (Algeria)”


2012 -Now Assistant professor at the University of Mostaganem (Algeria), Faculty of Economics and Management.
2011-2013 Responsible for business studies (statistics and parameters) and assistant of regional director of the company of distribution of Gas and Electricity of Mostaganem (Algeria).
2007-20011 Agency Director (Coordination Officer) at the company of distribution of Gas and Electricity of Mohammadia, Mascara (Algeria).
2006: Internship at SONATRACH (GNL2) of Arzew (Oran, Algeria)at the Finance and Human resources departments

Arabic: Native
French: Excellent.
English: Level B2 (speaking) .
Spanish: Level B1.

Professional activities

Scientific Activities
Graduate scholar award in the 7th international congress on technology, science and society, October 2017.
Since September 2015, Member of Scientific Committee of Finance department at faculty of economics and Management, Mostaganem University (Algeria).

Administrative Activities
Vice-Director of the department of Finance sciences, University of Mostaganem, since September 2014-2016

Administration and Business Collaborations
Seminar on "Elaboration of a project within the Health Administration" as part of the training of health Managers. Session June 2014.

The impact exchange rate of exchange on Algerian trade balance, notebooks MECAS the No. 8 research laboratory business management and social capital MECAS, Tlemcen University, p 128 , December 2012.

International communications
2017: 3rd international conference AFRICALICS at Oran2 university 27-29 November. “Emerging innovation systems for sustainable industrial development in Africa.
2017: 7th international congress on technology, science and society .Held in the university of cardinal Herrera, Valencia, Spain, on October 19-20. Presentation of the thesis project.
2016: Evaluation of the innovation strategy in enterprises Algeria: Case study in the company of gas and electricity SONELGAZ. International conference on innovation organized on 28 and 29 April 2016 Marrakech.
2016: The evaluation of the innovation policy in the Algerian enterprises Fourth International Academy AFRICALICS on innovation strategy and innovation management, from March 21 to March 31, 2016.
2015: Evaluation of the case of innovation policy in Algeria. International Symposium on: Summer School 2015 RRI CREIL. Innovation systems for developing countries and countries in transition. August, 27-29.
2015: The impact of knowledge management on the performance of Algerian businesses. International Symposium on: Innovation, development of human resources, innovation and the knowledge economy in the countries of MAGHTEC: Stakes and perspectives. Mostaganem University, 22-23 February 2015.
2014: Innovation and quality factor for competition in the international tourism products Conference on: Tourism production and sustainable development: Stakes and perspectives. University of Mostaganem, 04-05 November 2014.
2013: The total quality in the university's social challenge in sustainable development. International Symposium on: criteria for quality assurance and the evolution of its mechanisms in institutions of higher education. University of Mostaganem, 29-30 October2013.

National communications
2016: Innovation Policy in the Algerian companies: the company of Sonelgaz. Investment study day about “Human capital in order to promote competition in the companies”. May 5, 2016.
2013: The importance of financial intermediary on Islamic banks. National Symposium on financial intermediaries in Algeria, Mostaganem University, 29-30 April 2013.

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