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I am currently PhD candidate on Local Development and International Cooperation. My research aims to contribute to transition to sustainability, through the democratisation of energy promoted and driven by grassroots innovations. It belongs to a wider project entitled "New perspective for rethinking climate change from social grassroots innovation: an approach from human development, learning and citizenship" (https://repensandoelcambioclimatico.wordpress.com/) financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

My academic background is a degree in Industrial Engineering (specialisation in Renewable Energies); MSc in Policies and Process of Development and MSc in Cooperation and Development Aid.

I have professional experience in the Energy and Development sectors, both in international agencies (United Nations Development Programme; Global Environment Facility; The UN Refugee Agency) and in the private sector and in various civil society organisations. At the university level, I have professional experience as a coordinator assistant and as a lecturer in the Master in Cooperation and Development Aid. On a local level, I am committed and engaged in active social participation in NGO and grassroots initiatives.

My fields of interest are grassroots social innovation; human development; critical perspectives on climate change and energy democratisation.


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