Do scientific research networks contribute to the generation of technological discoveries? An analysis of scientific networks in biomedical research.

2012 to 2014

Inter-organisational research networks are attracting increasing interest from both academia and policy in terms of their potential to contribute to scientific progress. However, two critical issues related to the dynamics and performance of scientific networks have been largely unexplored. These are the types of scientific networks that favour technological discovery (and the extent to which these networks differ from those that favour scientific discovery), and the interplay between the features of research organisations and the structure of their collaboration networks. This project aims to delve into these two issues.
More specifically, this project aims to examine the relationship between the structure of interorganisational research collaborations and the creation of scientific and technological knowledge, within the context of biomedical research. The project will address the following:
1. The map of scientific collaborations in biomedical research
2. Relationship between network position and the creation of scientific and technological knowledge
3. Influence of the knowledge base and the network position on the creation of technological knowledge
4. Influence of knowledge sharing and network position on the creation of technological

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