Research Teams

INGENIO researchers work on a range of topics and approaches with the field of innovation studies. Researchers combine together in a number of informal collaborative teams, organised around shared topical or methodological interests. These teams come together to mutually inform each other about research in progress, to develop collective activities such as workshops and to invite and host visitors from other research institutes.

Please find below the list of these teams:

Group of Research on Energy and Environmental Innovation

The Group of Research on Energy and Environmental Innovation (GreeIN) is interested studying the socio-economic transformations underpinning the emergence and adoption of environmental innovations, especially alternative sources of energy generation.

Dynamics and policy of biomedical science and innovation

This research group is interested in understanding how medical innovation is achieved. It adopts an evolutionary perspective on the dynamics of science and technology, and investigate the development of technologies both over time and across networks of actors and institutions.

Research Evaluation Group

Ingenio's research evaluation team investigates methods to assess the diverse contributions of research, with a special focus on its socio-economic impact of research and the processes of knowledge exchange among researchers and stakeholders. The team is led by Jordi Molas-Gallart, editor of the journal Research Evaluation.