Our experiences at INGENIO

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By Gaby

Staying at INGENIO was a marvelous experience. Everywhere there is a space and people to talk about innovation, which is fruitfully to open new ways of thinking, new angles to your own research. It is amazing to know people that is well recognized in this knowledge field and that is ready to give some advice, but, most importantly, a nice smile. Since your arrival everyone want to welcome you and know what you are working on in order to put you on contact with people that share the same research interests. The city is lovely, and has several things to do. The ocean view is precious. It’s the kind of experience you do not want to live only once. ;)

By Michelle

The period in INGENIO was very important for my PhD. I had a personal and professional experience very rewarding, especially when the group of doctoral students began meeting regularly to exchange knowledge and discuss the difficulties during the doctoral process. I learned many new things that helped me so much during my doctoral research and keep very useful in my profession as researcher. I had literature suggestions, exchanged ideas on specific aspects of my research and was able to present the partial results of the thesis to receive suggestions from everyone, which helped me a lot. Also, in a personal sense, this network made the days in INGENIO become very enjoyable and entertaining. Those 6 months were unforgettable. Thank you! 
By Guadalupe

I had an intellectually stimulating time at INGENIO. The researchers and PhD students are cordial and willing to share knowledge. They are pretty active and committed  with academic work. It was a great experience!

By Julia
Working as PhD guest researcher at INGENIO was one of the best parts of my PhD trajectory so far. Upon my arrival at INGENIO I was warmly welcomed. A workspace had been prepared and I was helped with all the administrative things that needed to be arranged. The research group is very friendly and welcoming. During long lunches in the cozy kitchen or outside on the sunny campus I quickly got to know my colleagues, which soon made me feel ‘at home’. And it also made it very easy to discuss work with my peers and with experienced researchers. This helped me a lot to develop my ideas and the paper I had been working on during my stay. Moreover, I enjoyed myself a lot in Valencia. The campus with lots of palm trees is located only 10 minutes from Valencia’s beach. Valencia has a beautiful city center with lots of restaurants and bars. The Rio Turia is a beautiful park to go cycling, running or just relax on the grass next to blossoming trees. Valencia’s inhabitants are very friendly. If you like sunshine, sea and beauty, and want to grow professionally, I highly recommend a research stay at INGENIO!