1. eufer's picture   Eliana Fernández Fortunato Diseñadora Industrial
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I am dedicated to Strategic Management, Administration, and Communication of projects related to products, services, and processes. Now, I work in Sarnago Design studio.

As a researcher, I participated in various projects being a collaborator in ‘IDF’ Institute (Institute of Fabrication and Design) in 2013; in ‘NDS’ Institute (Design & Sustainability Centre/UFPR, Brazil); and, recently I participate in ‘INGENIO’ Institute (CSIC/UPV, Spain) like PhD student in ‘DFGPI’ doctorate program (Design, Fabrication and Industrial Project Management), researching about Biocomposite materials and the social impact of their various applications.

Since 2009, I participate in the Social Science Department as professor of 'Human Sciences' course in Industrial Design career (School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design/UNC, Argentina).

I have an 'Industrial Design' degree at National University of Córdoba, Argentina, and I postgraduated in ‘Management Design’ at Politechnic University of Valencia.