From brawn to brains: manufacturing-KIBS interdependency

This paper analyses the interdependency between manufacturing and KIBS by focussing on two questions: which manufacturing industries are complementary with KIBS development? And, do cross-sectoral interdependencies exhibit geographical heterogeneity? We elaborate an empirical analysis of employment data of 279 municipalities in Spain over the period 1981-2011. Our first finding is that the typology of manufacturing activities that have positive employment effect ranges between two opposite poles: either well-established (viz. supplier-dominated) or emergent (viz. science based) industries.

Do Almetrics Indicators Capture Societal Engagement? A Comparison Between Survey and Social Media Data

Social media are seen as a potential channel for targeting stakeholders to accelerate the translation of relevant findings from scientific literature to practice (Grande et al., 2014). Such potential has raised expectations on altmetrics as a potential source of data to develop quantitative methods of societal impact analysis (Wilsdon et al., 2015).
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