Fiction Lagging Behind Or Non-Fiction Defending The Indefensible? University-Industry (et al.) Interaction In Science Fiction

University-industry interaction has many supporters and some detractors in the scholarly literature. Framings for science, technology and innovation (STI) policy emphasise that universities interact with stakeholders other than industry and that these interactions contribute to a wide set of goals, such as environmental sustainability. Given the importance of discourse to shape public opinion, we wonder whether academic and policy actors have transmitted this positive attitude towards university interactions.

Innovación Social Colectiva: Experiencias para la transición a la sostenibilidad desde la ciudadanía organizada

El presente libro recoge el resultado del trabajo de investigación que un equipo de personas de distintas universidades públicas realizó, entre 2014 y 2018, con el fin de aproximarse a cómo la ciudadanía autoorganizada está generando nuevos modelos más sostenibles de producción, distribución y consumo de bienes y servicios.

Towards a multidimensional classification of social media users around science on Twitter

With the advent of altmetrics, digital traces that go beyond the scientific impact can be tracked. Twitter stands as the most appealing platform for their inspection since it gathers academic and non-academic users that discuss a wide-ranging number of topics. This research aims at developing and proposing a fine-grained classification of social media users based on mapping techniques and clustering methods and compare them with other tentative classifications proposed elsewhere.

Team collaboration capabilities as drivers for innovation performance: the case of Spanish technology-based startups.

Technology-Based Startups (TBSs) are newly emerged entrepreneurial ventures typically launched by a team with the purpose of bringing innovative products or services to market and achieving the scalability of their business models. Today, it is widely recognized that TBSs play a very important role in the economy as a source of disruptive and radical innovations and creation of new jobs.

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