social innovation

Exploring connections between social innovation, grassroots processes and human development: an analysis of alternative food networks in the city of Valencia (Spain)

This paper explores the contribution that the Capability Approach (CA) and Grassroots
Innovation (GI) literature can make to the area of Social Innovation (SI). The paper takes four concurrent dimensions of the SI literature (agents, purposes, drivers and processes) and crossfertilises them with the bottom‐up, people‐driven character of GI, and the concepts of agency, deliberative democracy and conversion factors from the CA. The result is the creation of a novel framework that we call grassroots social innovation for human development.

‘Shaken, but not stirred’: six decades defining social innovation

This paper examines the evolution in the conceptualization of Social Innovation (SI) under the assumption of SI as a trans-disciplinary construct which comprises a diversity of discourses from different fields and actors. We performed a comprehensive and systematic literature review along six decades (1950-2014), extracting definitions of SI through a search of 2,339 documents in various languages retrieved from Web of Science, SCOPUS and Google scholar.
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