EXTRA Project

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The EXTRA project focuses on the conditions that favour the joint performance of high quality research and knowledge transfer activities among scientific researchers.

The premise of the project is that a better understanding of the complementarities between scientific EXCellence and knowledge TRAnsfer could contribute to enhancing the economic and societal impact of scientific research.

The project addresses these issues by studying Spanish scientists from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines (from hard sciences, biomedical and engineering to social sciences and humanities), ensuring a transversal approach by cutting across multiple epistemic communities.

Methodologically, the study will use a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods, analysing both secondary data (bibliometrics and CVs) and primary data generated by a large scale survey and semi-structured interviews.

The interaction with a range of stakeholders will facilitate to incorporate their views in the development of the project and to share the results produced.

Acronym: EXTRA
: CSO2013-48053-R
2015 – 2017
Funded under the Spanish National R&D