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The conference will focus on the connection between Science, Technology and Innovation research and a set of current societal challenges. In particular, the event seeks to provide a platform for exploring new practices promoted by a wide spectrum of stakeholders including policy-makers, firms, university, institutions as well as civil society.
The key themes of the conference are closely aligned with the main pillars and the philosophy of the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020) wherein tackling societal concerns and removing barriers are priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy.
Some of these concerns, such as climate action and environment, innovative and reflective societies, clean energy and food security or well-being, call for multidisciplinary approaches. The emphasis on sharing and combining perspectives and methods from different disciplines is a distinctive trait of the Early Career conference. The stated aim is to promote the cross-fertilization of disciplines such as economics, sociology, political science, management, bibliometrics, geography, development while at the same time gaining greater understanding of what interdisciplinarity can offer to the analysis of these complex societal problems.




Ciudad Politecnica de la Innovación, Edif 8E, Planta 4, Campus de la UPV, Valencia