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In this seminar, I will present a summary of my findings regarding the structure of innovation and collaborative knowledge based on two primary datasets, Wikipedia and Scientific papers. The presentation consists of three distinct sections. 1) Understanding the oligopoly of super-editors in collective knowledge [1, 2], 2) locating the silk road of knowledge transfer (or diffusion) in the 21st century utilizing Wikipedia [3, 4], and 3) quantifying team chemistry in scientific collaboration of duos [5].

[1] Jinhyuk Yun, Sang Hoon Lee, Hawoong Jeong. "Intellectual interchanges in the history of the massive online open-editing encyclopedia, Wikipedia." Phys. Rev. E 93, 012307 (2016).
[2] Jinhyuk Yun, Sang Hoon Lee, Hawoong Jeong. "Early onset of structural inequality in the formation of collaborative knowledge in all Wikimedia projects." Nature Human Behaviour 3, 103 (2019).
[3] Jisung Yoon, Jinseo Park, Jinhyuk Yun, Woo-Sung Jung. "Quantifying knowledge synchronisation in the 21st century." arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.01466 (2022).
[4] Jisung Yoon, Jinseo Park, Jinhyuk Yun, Woo-Sung Jung. "Build Up of a Subject Classification System from Collective Intelligence." arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.01466 (2022).
[5] Gangmin Son, Jinhyuk Yun, Hawoong Jeong. "Quantifying team chemistry in scientific collaboration." arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.07252 (2022).

About Jinhyuk Yun

Jinhyuk Yun is an assistant professor at Soongsil University's School of AI Convergence. Before joining Soongsil University, he worked as a Senior Research Scientist at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information and as a Data Scientist at Naver Corporation.

He is fascinated by the structure and dynamics of complex systems like society, culture, the media, and collective knowledge. He typically manages massive datasets and identifies hidden patterns beneath the surface for this purpose. Currently, He is working on the following topics: Modeling Human Behavior, Network Science, Data Science, Computational Social Science, Cultural Science, Scientometrics / Science of Science, Citation Dynamics.

Jinhyuk Yun

School of AI Convergence, Soongsil University



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