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Belda Miquel, Sergio; Boni Aristizábal, Alejandra; Sañudo Pazos, Maria Fernanda


In this workshop, we put the focus in the transformative relationships that can be created between social organizations of the Global South and the Global North through development aid. In this relationships, informal education processes arise, at individual and collective level, and have multiple dimensions: political, ethical, emotional, intercultural, etc.

This processes have been little explored. They are complex and full of tensions, but can be of great importance in the promotion of global citizenship trough the joint construction of shared values, transnational solidarities and alternative projects of social transformation.

We will share the findings of a research project on five cases of alliances between social organizations in Colombia and Spain that promote advocacy and social mobilization for the defence of Human Rights in Colombia. From this standpoint, we will collectively reflect on the mechanisms and relevance of informal education in the construction of global citizenship, as well as its links with development aid.

Name and Edition of Conference Global Justice through Global Citizenship Conference. The role of Global Education
Location Bruselas