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Poveda Bautista, Rocio; Diego-Mas, Jose Antonio; Diego A. León Medina


The measurement of complexity in projects is an issue widely studied in the literature from different approaches that take into account the type of project, the industrial sector in which they are made and that highlight features and elements that identify a complex project. Numerous studies have been carried out that demonstrate the importance of measuring complexity without a common framework that combines all the factors that must be taken into account when measuring the complexity of projects.

In the present work the tools available to measure the complexity in projects are studied, describing the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods currently found. A tool is also proposed to improve the evaluation of Information Technology and Software projects,
analyzing the factors that specifically influence the complexity of this type of projects. Through surveys conducted to Directors and members of the Information Technology and Software projects team, the proposal made to introduce this tool called Snapshot will be validated, allowing
the assessment of the complexity of these projects based on the evaluation that is made to IPMA certification level B applicants.

Fecha -
Name and Edition of Conference International Congress on Project Management and Engineering (AEIPRO)
Location Cádiz (España)