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Guido Zolezzi, Massimo Zortea, Gabriella Trombino, Marco Bezzi, Agustí Perez-Foguet, Boris Lazzarini, Ricard Gine, Enrique Velo, Alejandra Boni, Manuel Sierra, Rhoda Trimingham


Engineers with a broader capacity are needed to contribute to the realization of the SDGs. Though a number of technical universities have recently devoted efforts to integrating sustainable development into engineering curricula, current international debates have not yet explored in detail the role that Higher Education should play within Global Citizenship Education. Here we present lessons learned from a European initiative, the Global Dimension in Engineering Education (GDEE), promoted by a transdisciplinary consortium of technical universities and nongovernmental organisations. GDEE ( has developed specific novel tools to widen the training of Engineers in Europe, and to include global development aspects into their professional competences. There are increasing needs to further transform learning and training environments and build capacity of educators and trainers on sustainable development issues (Perez-Foguet et al., 2017). The work discusses project-based training and a recently launched honors programme that represent promising tools to set possible ways forward.

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Name and Edition of Conference 5th International Conference on Technologies for Development (Tech4Dev 2018)
Location Lausanne (Switzerland)