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Mon, 07/20/2020 - 13:26

We are glad to share that the 2020 INGENIO PhD Days, an event organized by INGENIO’s doctoral students, will be held on December 2020! Due to the Covid19 situation, we will launch an online Early Career Conference on December 14-16th 2020. This event aims to contribute to the development of research capabilities, presentation and communication skills, as well as to build networks among a new generation of researchers (PhD students as well as early career researchers).

Moreover, we are glad to count with two excellent keynotes speakers who will present and debate about the main topic of the conference: “Innovation and research agendas: between policy priorities, societal challenges and academic autonomy”. Molly Morgan Jones, Director of Policy at the British Academy and Ohid Yaqub, Senior Lecturer at Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex.

There will be aswell two workshop sessions aimed to train and develop early career researchers’ skills:
“Searching for the research problem – research method fit” by Ferran Giones and “How to prepare and successfully face an international research stay?” By Nicolas Robinson García.

The 5 main research lines are:

1) Orienting science and innovation towards political and societal goals: implications and strategies.

2) Factors affecting academic knowledge production.

3) Analysis of interactions among diverse actors in innovation systems.

4) Impacts of developments at the technological frontier and how to manage them.

5) Methods and strategies to support and understand the participation of multiple actors.

Members of the Organising Committee look forward to seeing you (online) next december at the conference! Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please contact us (


The fee for the event has been reduced to 50€, and participants from the EuSpri network will have free waivers covering the cost of inscription.

Notice that the call for abstracts is closed, but we invite you to register and meet other PhD experiences!

More info: visit website Ingenio PhD Days.