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Mon, 06/07/2015 - 12:11

The paper entitle "Star scientists versus interdisciplinary scientists? An inquiry into the antecedents of distinct modes of university-industry interaction" was selected as the best academic paper in the 2015 edition of the University-Industry Interaction Conference held in Berlin (June 24th to 26th).

In this paper, Pablo D'Este, together with three colleagues from several European countries (Oscar Llopis from GREThA, Francesco Rentocchini from the Southampton Business School and Alfredo Yegros from CWTS) investigates how the scientific impact and the degree of interdisciplinarity of academic researchers shape the way in which academics interact with industry. Although it is still research in progress, their current findings show that the effect of both, scientific impact and interdisciplinary research, varies depending on the specific mode of interaction with industry. Once concluded, this research is expected to lead to recommendations aiming at facilitating and fostering the transfer of knowledge from universities to the business sector.

The University-Industry Interaction Conference brings together every year academics, researchers, practioners and business representatives from all over the world involved in university-industry interaction, innovation and entrepreneurship.