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Research Fellow

Current position:
Investigadora Post-Doctoral

Anthropologist and Systems Engineer with a PhD in Science and Technology Studies. Her professional career has focused on university management, particularly in the development and implementation of research and innovation policies. Continuing with her doctoral research, she works from Ingenio with the Consortium of Transformative Innovation Policies (TIPC), in applying the TIP framework in collaboration with different government agencies of the Consortium partner countries (https: / /www.tipconsortium .net /).

Evaluating transformative innovation policy in a formative way: Insights from Vinnova’s food mission experiment
Alejandra Boni, Diana Velasco, Jordi Molas-Gallart, Johan Schot, 2023. In: Research Evaluation.

Imaging and Realising Futures in Catalonia: Shared Agendas for Just Sustainability Transitions
Diana Velasco, Míriam Acebillo-Baqué, Alejandra Boni, Tatiana Fernández, 2023. In: .

El pasado 5 de julio tuvo lugar la primera reunión del proyecto Innovación Transformativa y Agendas Compartidas (ITACA), un proyecto de la Generalitat de Catalunya liderado por INGENIO (CSIC-UPV). A…

Des del passat 5 d' octubre i fins al proper 16 de novembre, l'Institut de Gestió de la Innovació i del Coneixement, INGENIO (CSIC-UPV) està col·laborant amb el Departament de la Vicepresidència i d'…

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