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Diego Chavarro Bohórquez

University of Sussex

I am a researcher on science, technology, and innovation policy. I did an Msc on Science and Technology Policy Studies in SPRU - University of Sussex, and currently am finishing a PhD on the same subject in SPRU as well. My PhD thesis revolves around the value of the knowledge published in non-mainstream (alternative) journals, and the history of emergent open-access bibliographic databases. I am committed to the development of programmes to foster relevant and reponsible research and innovation, as well as the improvement of research capabilities of organisations. I am greatful to have had the opportunity to work with international and interdisciplinary research teams and with a variety of public and private organisations. I believe there is room for more inclusive, open, and effective policies to improve the social impact of research and innovation activities, and my work tries to contribute to it.

 Some of my publications are:

Chavarro, D., Tang, P. & Rafols, I (2014). Interdisciplinary research and the production of scientific knowledge on local issues: evidence from a developing country. Research Evaluation, 23 (3): 195-20. 

Ruiz, C., Bonilla, R., Chavarro, D., Orozco, L. A., Zarama, R. & Polanco, X. (2010). Efficiency measurement of research groups using Data Envelopment Analysis and Bayesian networks. Scientometrics, 83(3), pp.711-721

Orozco, L. A., Chavarro, D., Olaya, D. L., & Villaveces, J. L. (2007). Methodology for measuring the socio-economic impacts of biotechnology: A case study of potato in Colombia. Research evaluation, 16(2), 107-122.  Available at, last visited 03/03/2009 


More publications can be accessed here: