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Jue, 31/05/2018 - 11:09

Science Europe High Level Workshops offer an annual platform for science policy debates. The aim of the 2018 workshop is to discuss the concept of mission-oriented research and the best implementation modalities to guarantee its success and efficacy. This High Level Workshop aims to foster an exchange of concrete experiences with mission-oriented approaches, through critical reflection of the rationales, purpose and limits of the mission-oriented approach to scientific research.

The discussions will lead to useful advice from Science Europe to the European Commission for the detailed design of the mission-oriented approach. However, the discussion will not be limited to Horizon Europe only and will also inform national research performers and funders in their strategic planning. The aim of the Workshop is not to enter into debates about suitable topics for individual missions. Rather, Science Europe would like to stress the importance of a robust methodology to select missions and of an overall strategic approach that considers the appropriate balance between top-down and bottom-up research support.

Among the speakers and panellists who also participate in the workshop are: Rosa Menéndez, president of the Spanish National Research Council; Marc Schiltz, president of Science Europe; Carmen Vela Olmo, State Secretary for Research, Development and Innovation, Government of Spain; Signe Ratso, deputy Director-General for Research and Innovation at the European Commission; Kristin Danielsen, International Director at the Research Council of Norway; Riitta Maijala, vice-President for Research at the Academy of Finland; Dan Andrée, Special Advisor to the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) and to the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research, among others.

Thursday May 31st 2018
CSIC Headquarters, Conference Hall, Madrid