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INGENIO (CSIC-UPV) regularly organises the ‘Research Group Meetings’, a space that serves as a forum to encourage communication and exchanges regarding the research we are developing in the Institute, as well as the projects and activities in which INGENIO researchers participate at the international, national and local level. External research seminars are also integrated into this space and will provide senior and early-stage researchers from other institutions with the opportunity to present and discuss their work with the audience. All sessions will be hosted in a hybrid format, both physically in a seminar room and MS Teams. External seminars are open to anyone without the need to register (see calendar).

Organizing committee: Adrián A. Díaz-Faes & François Perruchas.

Forthcoming Research Group Meetings

  • Who can ‘Test. Test. Test.’? Boundary work around the scaling up of diagnostic testing in spain and the uk during the covid-19 pandemic

    David Barberá-Tomás - INGENIO (CSIC-UPV)

    At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries were encouraged by the World Health Organization to “Test. Test. Test.” This paper compares how healthcare systems in Spain and the UK, simultaneously facing a crisis of similar magnitude, developed diagnostic testing systems that greatly differed in their organizational boundaries. The paper shows how boundary work in each country, influenced by pre-existing institutional logics and established power structures, defined who could provide diagnostic testing during the crisis response - and very importantly - who was excluded.

Previous Research Group Meetings

A comprehensive list of past research group meetings is available here.