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INGENIO [CSIC-UPV] regularly organizes seminars on topics related to the interests of our members. You will find below the list of upcoming and past seminars.

Organizing committee: Adrián A. Díaz-Faes & François Perruchas.

Forthcoming Seminars

  • Human-centred AI Security, Ethics and Privacy

    José M. Such - King’s College London

    This talk will have two main parts: 1) risks in AI systems; 2) AI for online safety. In the first part, I will talk about three risks of using AI: security, privacy, and discrimination. I will show that attacks that can be performed to exploit AI models and attack the systems that use them, that AI-based systems can be privacy-intrusive, and that AI-based systems may have biases that may lead to discriminate against particular types of users (e.g. based on gender/ethnicity). I will then outline our current research and projects on making AI safer.

  • Understanding knowledge production in the twenty-first century

    Jinhyuk Yun - School of AI Convergence, Soongsil University

    In this seminar, I will present a summary of my findings regarding the structure of innovation and collaborative knowledge based on two primary datasets, Wikipedia and Scientific papers. The presentation consists of three distinct sections. 1) Understanding the oligopoly of super-editors in collective knowledge [1, 2], 2) locating the silk road of knowledge transfer (or diffusion) in the 21st century utilizing Wikipedia [3, 4], and 3) quantifying team chemistry in scientific collaboration of duos [5].

Previous Seminars

A comprehensive list of past seminars is available here.