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INGENIO [CSIC-UPV] regularly organizes seminars on topics related to the interests of our members. You will find below the list of upcoming and past seminars.

Organizing committee: Adrián A. Díaz-Faes & François Perruchas.

Forthcoming Seminars

  • Building a “digital machine” to study emotions about nature and animals on social media

    Isaac Nahon-Serfaty - University of Ottawa

    The object of this project is nature and the “natural” understood as the non-human, including non-human sentient beings, the plant and mineral kingdoms. The main goal is to expand our understanding of the economy of emotions in the digital communication ecosystem to the field of nature and the “natural” that are part of several public discourses (e.g. ecologism, animal rights, green activism, veganism, etc.). Placing the visually grotesque (i.e. disruptive, shocking) and kitschy (i.e.

Previous Seminars

A comprehensive list of past seminars is available here.