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The administrative processes relevant to an individual applicant depends in part on their nationality.

NB: the information given below is for guidance only and should be confirmed with the Spanish authorities.

Administrative issues for EU applicants

Citizen from European Union countries can apply to any funding opportunity in Spain and can travel freely to the country. However, some administrative procedures are required.

  • NIE: all Europeans who want to work in Spain must have a national identity number (NIE), which can be obtained either from a Spanish Consulate in their country of origin or when they arrive in Valencia, by visiting the Oficina de Extranjería. For stays longer than 3 months, you must register your residence in Spain in the "registro de ciudadanos de la unión".
  • Diplomas: any degree obtained outside Spain must be approved by the administration to be recognized (homologación). The Ministry of Education is in charge of the approval process for pre-doctoral diplomas while Universities are in charge of the recognition of Doctorates. For further information, you should consult the servicio de extranjería de la UPV or the UIMP website.
  • Other formalities: driving licenses, car insurance, and other documents are recognized across European Union. In addition, EU citizens have the same rights to health care as citizens insured in Spain. More details can be found on Your Europe.

Administrative issues for non-EU applicants

Applicants from a country which does not belong to the EU will have to deal with specific administrative issues, in addition to the points already raised in the previous section and that are also relevant. We identify here a few key aspects of this process. For further information, you should contact the delegación del Gobierno de España en Valencia and with the Oficina de Extranjería de la UPV.

  • Visa: you should check the requirements to obtain a Spanish visa from your country, depending on the duration and reason of your stay (student, job, etc.). This information is available online or in the consular services available close to you.
  • NIE: all foreigners who want to work in Spain must obtain a Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE).
  • Recognition of academic titles requires an Apostille under the Hague Convention, in addition to the process of homologación.
  • Other documents, such as driving licenses, may also not be valid in Spain, depending on your country of origin and the length of your stay. More information on driving licences can be found online.

For additional information, check the Oficina de Extranjeria (information only available in Spanish).