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Adela García Aracil


FOSTERC project is a structural project in the frames of the Erasmus+ Programme Capacity Building in Higher Education running from October 15th 2016 to October 14th 2019.
The main aim of FOSTERC is to strengthen the use of innovative principles and approaches to teaching and learning in the Belarusian Higher Education Institutions for the improvement of graduates’ learning outcomes.
FOSTERC will examine the curricular development of Belarusian Higher Education System focusing on graduates’ competencies (kind of knowledge, skills and attitudes). It will also provide trainings, methodological tools and indicators for conceptualization of learning outcomes in terms of competencies. It will promote the shift towards input/content to output/outcomes in Belarusian Higher Education, integrating EU good practices to Belarusian Higher Education Institutions and new methods into daily activities.

Name and Edition of Conference 1st seminar FOSTERC "Competence Approach in Designing Educational Programs"
Location Minsk - Bielorrusia