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Julia Olmos-Peñuela, Inma Aleixos-Borras, Paul Benneworth, Ignacio Fernández de Lucio


Recent debates around academic research’s societal contribution have emerged in response to demands for a new “social contract” for science, in particular demanding an increase of benefits for society (Martin, 2003; Sarewitz, 2016). Academy has focused on better understanding the conditions under which researchers engage with society and produce relevant knowledge that can be eventually transferred and applied outside academia (Amara et al., 2018; Perkmann, et al., 2013). Policy-makers have sought to promote relevant research that brings a societal impact, such as the EC, implementing specific programmes within the H2020 encouraging the development of “science with and for society”. This centralises the importance of delivering Responsible Research & Innovation for society through public engagement, among others, as a means of stimulating the scientific “contribut[ion] to fostering more societally relevant and desirable research and innovation outcomes to help us tackle societal challenges”.

Fecha -
Name and Edition of Conference The Third Research Evaluation in the SSH Conference - RESSH 2019
Location Valencia (Spain)