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Policy evaluation is a key issue in the policy cycle, despite it has not been deserved a
careful attention, specially with respect to ex-post policy evaluation in peripheral European
regions such as Valencia. Some evaluation methodologies seem to be useful in some cases but
not in others, where the availability of data and infrastructures to carry out evaluation, lags
clearly behind. This rises the issue of how to compare the results in the design and
implementation of regional S&T policies across regions in Europe.
Since evaluation, in any case, implies the measurement of some results and its
comparison to a certain scale previously established, the research arena is opened to enquire
on the design and implementation of comparable evaluation methodologies with relevant policy
implications to be considered in the European Research Area.
Many methodologies, are inspired on the design and development of indicators used to
capture direct results of policy implementation. Others are inspired on the consideration of
additionality as the main result pursued with the application of a policy. Here, we propose to
study the evaluation of regional S&T policies regarding the efficiency of such policies.
In this case, a study concerning the evaluation of the S&T policies implemented in the
Spanish regions according to their efficiency levels will be a matter of interest. In order to
achieve that goal the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) will be applied due to the advantages it
offers in public studies.

Name and Edition of Conference International ProACT Conference. 15-17 de marzo
Location Tampere, Finlandia