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Sjide, Peter; Jiménez-Sáez, Fernando; Arroyo Vázquez, Mónica;


Brand New Book. Small high-technology firms are a central element in technological innovation and economic growth; as such, they have attracted the attention of scholars and practitioners. In the last 20 years Ray Oakey has become an undisputed authority in this field. This volume of conceptual and empirical studies provides an overview of Ray Oakey s exceptional career and work and of the most important topics in the field of high-technology entrepreneurship. It discusses the intricate dynamics between entrepreneurs, venture, and networks, as well as the issue of university-entrepreneurship interactions and other forms of public private partnerships in the field of high technology. The present volume contains diverse contributions in terms of both the methodology applied--from case studies to large scale surveys--as well as the fields and countries investigated and the theoretical frameworks applied, reflecting the broad scope of Ray Oakey s thinking and writing.

Year of publication 2013