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Julia Haba-Osca, Francisco González-Sala, Julia Osca-Lluch


The results of the analysis of a comparative study of the scientific production carried out in Spain in both ICT and Innovation in three scientific disciplines - Education Sciences, Psychology and Philology - in the Higher Education area and collected in the Web of Sciences (WoS) between 1998-2017 are presented. In order to do this, a descriptive study is carried out with all the documents contained in the WoS database, determining among other bibliometric indicators: the evolution of scientific production, documentary typology, publication languages, journals and their thematic categories. A total of 4,978 papers were recovered, of which 52.88% are congresses communications and 43.72% are articles and reviews. It is observed that it increases the publication of the number of works carried out in Spain on these subjects (ICT and Innovation), especially since the year 2010, highlighting the relevance of the years 2015 and 2016 for being those that have a higher production. The articles were published in
a total of 458 journals. The works were published in journals that are indexed 85.95% in Education, 10.10% in Psychology and 3.95% in Philology. The works have been published in 7 different languages, being English (54.13%) and Spanish (44.93%) the most frequently used languages in
more than 99% of the works. The journals included in the WoS used by the vast majority of the Spanish researchers to publish their papers on the subject under study are "Journal of Education", "International Journal of Engineering Education", "Education XX1", "REDU-Journal of University
Teaching" and "Computers & Education".

Year of publication 2019