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Francisco González-Sala, Julia Osca-Lluch

A bibliometric study of the Spanish scientific production in Clinical Psychology published in international journals
during a period of 50 years (1971-2020) is carried out. There are 3636 papers published in 130 Clinical Psychology
journals, which contained 16135 author signatures, corresponding to a total of 8547 authors. 70.76% of the authors are temporary and only 2.01% have participated in the completion of 10 or more papers. It is observed that the increase in the number of Clinical Psychology studies carried out in Spanish institutions is related to the presence of a greater number of Spanish journals of this discipline in the Web of Science, which confirms the degree of maturity that Clinical Psychology has reached in Spain, which is manifested by the increase in the number of papers published in international journals and the increase in the number of Spanish Clinical Psychology journals in WoS.

Additional data

Year of publication 2022
Journal Papeles del Psicólogo Psychologist Papers
Reference Francisco González-Sala, Julia Osca-Lluch (), . Papeles del Psicólogo Psychologist Papers, 43, p. 81