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Alejandra Boni

This article will reflect on the participatory process and content of the Education for Development Strategy (for the formal education sector) of the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Over a period of eight months, the author co-ordinated a team that conducted the design of the strategy. In this process, local and regional public administrations, and several teachers and practitioners from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were involved. The article presents the process, the content of the strategy and reflects on three main aspects: participation; the challenges for the implementation of the strategy; and the influence of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It concludes with some personal reflections on the good and bad aspects of this experience and on the author’s role in this process.

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Year of publication 2017
Journal Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review
Reference Alejandra Boni (), . Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review, 25, p. 109