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Thu, 21/10/2021 - 13:32

Carolina Cañibano, INGENIO (CSIC-UPV)'s researcher, will join the European Regional Meeting of the Global Research Council, which is hosted by the Spanish National Research Council between 21st and 22nd of October 2021 in Madrid.

She will participate in a Panel discussion on "Science and Technology Workforce", with Mostafa Moonir, member of the Marie Curie Alumni Association and Véronique Halloin, from the Fund for National Research (F.R.S.–FNRS). Cañibano will talk about: "Understanding flexibility in researchers’ careers paths". This session about "Science and Technology Workforce" will be on Friday, at 09:45.

Realted with this main topic about "Science and Technology Workforce", participants will be invited to reflect on the changing nature of research and innovation practices, work environment, and careers; ways to foster the development of research and innovation workforces, capable of adapting to changes in knowledge and skill requirements; the development of effective paths to vibrant research and innovation workforces across scientific disciplines and career types, inclusive of diverse communities and strategies and tools to improve life-long learning and work conditions for research and innovation workforces, and to reinforce science-related skills across the entire population.

The Global Research Council is a network comprised of the heads of science and engineering funding agencies from around the world. Every year, the heads come together to discuss common issues and promote the sharing of data and best practice, with the aim of promoting high-quality international research collaboration. The European Regional Meeting of the GRC will bring together heads of European organisations to address two main topics, namely ‘Research ethics, integrity and culture in the context of rapid research results’, and ‘Science and Technology workforce’. these topics at regional level. Beyond exchange of best practices, the meeting will also enable the host and co-hosts to prepare a European input to the Annual Meeting, which will take place in 2022 In Panama.

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About Carolina Cañibano

Carolina Cañibano is a CSIC tenured scientist at INGENIO (CSIC-UPV). She was trained as an economist at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (PhD 2004). Her research focuses on the theoretical and empirical investigation of research careers, human capital and economic innovation and change. 

She has contributed to the socio-economics of science by addressing questions regarding the dynamics of geographical mobility and career development of researchers and the knowledge diffusion processes that derive from mobility. She has also studied gendered patterns in scientific careers and has proposed alternative ways of conceptualising human capital.

Carolina has been regularly engaged in European research projects and actions. She is currently part of the team working on research careers within the European project RISIS2 (Research Infrastructure for Innovation Policy Studies) and she is contributing on behalf of CSIC to the Science Europe working group on Research Culture.