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Fri, 24/06/2016 - 13:57

Eurkind is a research network that aims at encouraging interdisciplinary debates on how knowledge and innovation and development can shape a better society. The consortium brings together reputable scientists from economics and social sciences based at European and non-European academic institutions. We are pleased to announce that after Nice (France, 2012 & 2015), Turin (Italy, 2014) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands, 2013), the 2016 edition of our yearly GCW conference will be in Valencia (Spain).

Coherent with our mission, GCW 2016 will provide a forum for senior and junior scholars to debate scientific, policy and strategic issues around key issues. This year’s conference will revolve around three main themes: innovation, employment and the environment. Contributions are welcome from a variety of disciplines including economics, management science, geography and science and technology studies.


  • Industry dynamics: emergence, transformation, decline
  • Governance of innovation
  • Methodological approaches: agent-based models, simulation with heterogeneous agents
  • Barriers to innovation and to firm growth
  • Regional diversification and growth
  • New cluster formation, cluster evolution
  • Policy mix in support of R&D and innovation


  • Human capital: creation, diffusion, adaptation
  • Skill emergence, transformation and obsolescence
  • Labour market outcomes of technology, trade and policy
  • New jobs
  • Change in the content of work
  • Skill mismatches and skill gaps
  • Dynamics of local labour markets
  • Evolution of education and training systems


  • Creation and adoption of environmental technologies and practices
  • New business models in sustainable economies
  • Green entrepreneurship and green start-ups
  • Environmental economics and complex adaptive systems
  • Sustainability transitions
  • Finance and venture capital for greening the economy
  • Implementation of corporate social responsibility