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Pablo is an environmental social scientist focusing on the study of patterns, interactions and feedbacks between human societies and nature. For further information about his work and research areas please visit his personal site

Understanding the governance of sustainability pathways: hydraulic megaprojects, social–ecological traps, and power in networks of action situations
Pablo F. Méndez, Floriane Clement, Guillermo Palau-Salvador, Ricardo Diaz-Delgado, Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, 2023. In: Sustainability Science.

Evaluating tourist profiles and nature-based experiences in Biosphere Reserves using Flickr: Matches and mismatches between online social surveys and photo content analysis
Ricardo Moreno-Llorca, Pablo F.Méndez, Andrea Ros-Candeira, Domingo Alcaraz-Segura, Luis Santamaría, Ángel Fermín Ramos-Ridao, Eloy Revilla, Francisco J.Bonet-García, Ana Sofia Vaz, 2020. In: Science of The Total Environment.

This Friday, Pablo Fernández Méndez, INGENIO (CSIC-UPV)'s researcher, will participate as speaker in Climate-KIC's workshop: "Developing a Transformative Theory of Change". The event will be at 10:00…

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