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Current position
Associate Professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)
Research fellow at INGENIO (CSIC-UPV)

Academic degrees
2006 Ph.D. on Industrial Engineering, Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)
1998 Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

Research publications
12 Papers in international indexed journals about decision making, technology transfer and project management.
- Google academic profile at

Research Projects
Participation in public financed research projects (last ten years)
2 projects funded by Spanish ministries
2 projects funded by local government

Academic experience
Post-graduate subjects taught
- Project Management
- Procurement and contracting
Pre-graduate subjects imparted
- Projects Engineering.

Professional experience previous to academic experience
1999-2001 SAP consultant. GRUPOTEC, Valencia, Spain
1997-1999 Technical and commercial. HEWLETT PACKARD, Valencia, Spain
1995-1998 Project Engineer.

Docent books: 1 books co-written for Spanish and Latin-American publishers (all in Spanish)
Post graduate programs: Participation in 1 PhD programme in Spain, 2 Master’s degrees in Spain.
PhD thesis: 3
Association: Member of the Spanish multicriteria group, Member of Spanish Project Engineering Association

Spanish (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (low)

Spanish menstrual literacy and experiences of menstruation
Sara Sánchez López, Dani Jennifer Barrington, Rocio Poveda Bautista, Santiago Moll López, 2023. In: BMC Women’s Health.

Spanish menstrual literacy and experiences of menstruation
Sara Sánchez López, Dani Jennifer Barrington, Rocio Poveda Bautista, Santiago Moll López, 2023. In: BMC Women’s Health.

Engaging Stakeholders in Extraction Problems of the Chilean Mining Industry through a Combined Social Network Analysis-Analytic Network Process Approach
Rocio Poveda-Bautista, Hannia Gonzalez-Urango, Edison Ramírez-Olivares, Jose-Antonio Diego-Mas, 2022. In: Complexity.

Analysis of the Visual Perception of the Competences of Project Managers
Rocio Poveda-Bautista; Jose-Antonio Diego-Mas; Jorge Alcaide-Marzal, 2021. In: Sustainability.

AsAsessment of Irrigation Water Use Efficiency in CitrusOrchards Using AHP
Rocío Poveda-Bautista, Bernat Roig-Merino, Herminia Puerto, Juan Buitrago-Vera, 2021. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Closing the gender gap at academic conferences: A tool for monitoring and assessing academic events
Corona-Sobrino Carmen, García-Melón Mónica, Poveda-Bautista Rocío, González-Urango Hannia, 2020. In: Plos One.

User-interfaces layout optimization using eye-tracking, mouse movements and genetic algorithms
Jose Antonio Diego-Mas, Diana Garzon-Leal, Rocio Poveda-Bautista, Jorge Alcaide-Marzal, 2019. In: Applied Ergonomics.

Measuring the Project Management Complexity: The Case of Information Technology Projects
Rocío Poveda-Bautista; José Antonio Diego-Más; Diego León-Medina, 2018. In: Complexity.

An in-depth analysis of a TTO's objectives alignment within the university strategy: An ANP-based approach
Pablo Aragonés-Beltrán, Rocío Poveda-Bautista, FernandoJiménez-Sáez, 2017. In: Journal of Engineering and Technology Management.

Errors Using Observational Methods for Ergonomics Assessment in Real Practice
Jose Antonio Diego-Mas, Jorge Alcaide Marzal, Rocío Poveda Bautista, Rocio, 2017. In: Human Factors The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Using RGB-D sensors and evolutionary algorithms for the optimization of workstation layouts
Jose Antonio Diego-Mas, Rocio Poveda-Bautista, Diana Garzon-Leal, 2017. In: Applied Ergonomics.

Designing the appearance of environmentally sustainable products
Diego-Más J.A.; Poveda-Bautista, R.; Alcaide-Marzal, J., 2016. In: Journal of Cleaner Production.

Using the relative alignment index for the selection of portfolio projects application to a public Venezuelan Power Corporation
García-Melón, M., Poveda-Bautista, R., Del Valle, J.,, 2015. In: International Journal of Production Economics.

Competitiveness measurement system in the advertising sector.
Poveda-Bautista, R., García-Melón, M., & Baptista, D. C. , 2013. In: SpringerPlus.

Setting competitiveness indicators using BSC and ANP.
Poveda-Bautista, R., Baptista, D. C., & García-Melón, M, 2012. In: International Journal of Production Research.

Aumentar la visibilidad de las mujeres en la ciencia es el principal objetivo de INVISIBLES, un grupo de trabajo integrado por investigadoras de INGENIO (CSIC-UPV), personal de la Universitat…

El equipo que integra el proyecto MAGGIE (MONITORING AND ASSESSING GENDER GAP IN EVENTS), formado por Rocío Poveda, Mónica García, Carmen Corona y Hannia González, ha organizado un debate titulado: "…

Uno de los pilares fundamentales de INGENIO (CIS-UPV) es la creación de espacios inclusivos para el diálogo y las oportunidades, así como el fomento de las prácticas inclusivas y cooperativas en la…

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"SNAPSHOT" tool for the assessment of complexity in Project Management of Information Technology and Software
Poveda Bautista, Rocio; Diego-Mas, Jose Antonio; Diego A. León Medina
International Congress on Project Management and Engineering (AEIPRO)