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Knowledge intensive industries and innovative socio-economic activities tend to cluster in cities, creative hubs and high-tech zones. This can generate territorial disparities and the need for local and regional strategies to generate learning opportunities, link to existing hubs and value chains, and build on local strengths and opportunities. INGENIO contributes to the debate on the challenges for peripheral areas in Europe, and to addressing the need for coordinated and appropriate knowledge and innovation strategies at local and regional levels

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Innovating but still poor: the challenges of regional development in regions with mature industries
26/11/2020 David Barberá / Pedro Marques - INGENIO (CSIC - Universitat Politècnica de València)

The persistence of patterns of decline or stagnation in developed countries has led to a renewed interest in the study of less developed regions. This renewed interest is informed by a variety of approaches, which range from studies on the unequal distribution of economic power and resources to analysis of regional endowments, such as human capital or quality of institutions. However a persistent misconception in some of this literature is that the primary factor explaining levels of development is innovation happening within firms.