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COVID pandemia has seriously affected the way High Education Institutions are delivering training to their students. UPV, that is participating in this project; has been the first University in Spain to close a whole campus due a COVID outbreak. Their 25.000 students have been receiving distance learning classes since early october. But many other Universities in Spain and in Europe are facing similar problems . Supporting teachers and students is crucial in this situation. 95% of HEI in Europe were forced to pivot to distance learning due the first COVID wave, and the number of HEI affected by the second wave increases every day. The project will: Design and develop the training plan and materials to create a virtual hackathon on any topic based on design and system thinking. The theoretical framework will be set by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Just Transition. Design and develop an innovative learning platform to facilitate the practical training process of students in virtual technologies and the organization of teams to participate in virtual hackathons.