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Davide Consoli, Pablo D’Este, François Perruchas

The Report on Biomaterials Stake Holders and Research in Europe has been commissioned in 2014 by the ESB Council in collaboration with the Presidents of the national societies of biomaterials across Europe. It has been published in 2017.
The main scope of the study is to present the ESB community in all its richness, potential and cohesiveness to the various stakeholders, making the presence of the ESB community felt as a resource for all those involved in medical innovation. The study presents the ESB as a community of technopreneurs; innovative minds able to pioneer new technology, experts able to understand the needs of industry and determined to assist companies in the resolution of problems, responsible professionals capable of informing and influencing policy makers and regulatory bodies. The report will help to be recognised as a cohesive community open to collaboration, uniquely bonded in our intents for over forty years. The ESB related facilities and research are mapped to help industry to find innovation, consultancy and state-of-the-art facilities across Europe. All this is assessed in this report in a manner as objective as possible, the state-of-the-art of biomaterials research translation in Europe, identifying sources of funding and investments, research trends, success stories and gaps to be filled.

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Any de publicació 2017
Reference Davide Consoli, Pablo D’Este, François Perruchas (), . , , p. 9